Monday, April 13, 2009

I went to school with my super messy hairstyle today .
I 'm so regretful of not clipping it up
While I was walking to school.

I saw this scene on my right .
I was shockkkkkkkkkked.
People having global warming alr.
Still cut trees.
Slap your face(s) ar.

Okay .
Lessons was alrights.
Assembly ,
Mrs Menon talked about us .
She said about the band meeting diffuculties.
I told Emman this during Chinese lesson .
Was our diffuculties being scolded for disturbing her when we were practicing ?

Hurt my feelings.
Today waas superrrrrrrrrrrr high .
It all started because I say I miss Fredy .
Argh .
I miss fredy

Then Carmen turn to me
& say
: oooooo, who's Fredy .
Me : *whispers* My husband /

Jamie Me Diyan started to laugh .
Fredy , no offence but I really miss you!
Dramatic problems faced when I talked to Leemei ,
My very first sentence to her .
It really spoils my mood laaaaaaas,
Haisx .
Texted dearest immediately ,
& had a chat during recess .

Physics OMO on Wednesday!
Damm it .
Bused home with Yiliang Rocker .
& Chatted alittle .
While walking to my block,
I saw a monk using iPhone,
As in the apple one.
Then bused to AMK to meet ,
Lena Diyan & HweeYoung .
Lena treat me mushroom soup.
Aww, mushymushy in Pizzahut.....
Ps the two "love-birds"
& walked through SukiSushi .
Guess what happen ?
We saw Kengteng & Hwee something(Hy's twin)
Ps everyone .
& went library with Lena .
& Called the rest to join.

The little red patch there was
My masterpiece.

Ohya ,
My laoshu bombed me the otherday .
Idk when ,
Quite long alr.

Q :Why is half-cooked steak & semi cooked stead not good friends?
A :因为它们不熟{cooked/close} (because they are not cooked)


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