Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Angie's here to teach you how to make use of your 7day MC.
(If you have one)
Day one about sleeping & seeing doctor all those.
Day two ,
Its gonna be interested when you need rest & fun .
Basically ,
I stayed at home
& eat & eat & eat.

My favourite thai mango .

Angie's guide to cooking .
Sounds abit dangerous huh?
I'm going to teach you how to make ice cream today !

Strawberry , Plain yoghurt , sugar.

Step1 : Wash the strawberries, Remove the leaves.

Step2 : Cut them into cubes

Step3 :Put them into the blender.

Step 4 : Blend~

Step5 : Remember to put sugar.

Step6 : Put in into the moulds,

Step7: put in the freezer.

Wait for it to become ice cream.
Then can eat alr.

Okay .
That's for today .
I'm really tired alr .

p/s : I haven try the icecream yet .

Everything's over already.
Haisx, no more sweet memories.

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