Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Unexplainable Love


Hi peeps.

Unexplainable love.
& i will miss you my dear marimba.

Sunday was a great day .
Got Chiahao to acc me for lunch .
Cause no one else was free.
Trained to Jurong East alone.
& Off to IMM.
Thanks to my dearest ice cream for the info .
On how to get there.
>..< I bloody walked the whole bloody IMM for the 3 hours please. & there's no seats around for me to rest. Luckily, I got my dearest to be chatting with me on the phone. I shopped alone okay . Jocelyn say I'm pro . Dare to go so far & shopped alone. I did ranted with her through sms , Just damm unhappy about things la. Finally, Diyan Lena Edwin HweeYoung came . & off to band world. Bought the stuffs. & trained down alone . To Khatib . Went Victoria's house for Dinner. I bet people are saying this. Tsk , That zilian bitch zilianing again . Hahahs.

Natural des.

Mon was band till 9 ++++
Freaking tired laaaaaas.
Tuesday was okay la.
Mrs Menon came to give words of encouragement .
& stuff.
Went home & packed stuff.

For percussion juniors.
Aint our sec4 seniors sweet ?

If only I editted this...
Lazyness laaaaaas

Awwww, I miss obs .
2echoes outing please!

I wore it to school .
& with lime green shorts,
I bloody didnt follow the dresscode.
Luckily Jamie called me this morning .
If she didnt call me .
I think I wouldnt have woken up .
Cabbed to school with Jamie & kengteng .

Fullband & off we go.

Total madness,
With Jamie .
Idkwhy ,
(maybe because of the chocolates. )
I got super high laaaaaas!

After the performance .
We didnt know what to do .
So we took a photo.

I'm not very happy
Cause people didnt want to take photo with me .
I purposely cleaer my memory
& .

We went up & joined our band .
Teared ,
Cause Adrian , Mr Leng , Wangyu , Kelvin was like .
Good job Good job .
& all those positive comments .
Really touched me.
Then juniors started to cry .
Cause of the sec4s's departure.
Cute laaas.
I'm very touched,
I believe the rest of the sec4s are too .
Dont cry laaaaaas,
We havent die .
Goddess J part onwards .
I think we were really very emotional .
Seniors say that they hear untill cry .
>.< I first time see the band move laaaaaaas! despite those naggings . FEELINGS.

Who's those fucktards who say we play with NO emotions ?
What a waste, you miss the show.

Oh ya.
Juicy lil gossips ,
Between us & the seniors.
See already also angry .
Surprising .
I didnt cry lo .
When I heard River Valley got Silver.
I thought we would get bronze again
But I prepared for the worst already.
I was pretty shocked when we heard the announcer say
: Band No. 140 Chongboon sec school , Silver.

My goodness, who are the one we say we are music slaves?
So i guess you people are drills slaves?
fyi. i know the names .

Very happy .
I prepared tissue paper before hand .
But never use .
Diyan say the mssb percussion peeps were waving at me .
But I was staring at Mr Chiang .
Never see,

I somehow dont understand why RVHS got silver .
They play very good what .
& Mr Chiang say that
Many of the audience actually thought we should get gold.
The judges were very strict la
Last day so strict for what?
I was soooooooo near to getting a treat from Ronald la .
Bloody hell.
Band, great job.
Our lucky color was brown this year.
& we got brown ribbons on files & hair.
& we ate brown chocolates .
Cool right ?

Congrates to Marist who had Gold.
talking about that ar,
Our band clap & shout for them as though
We got the Gold like that .
See, we so supportive.

Dearest came my house today .
He's damm shy la.
Dont dare to enter myhouse .
& I think Mum questioned him
when i was bathing.
& he nearly got me into trouble.
Argh, nvm .

So we headed to bugis for Seoul Garden .
It was my Recess, Lunch & dinner.
We reach there at 410 .
Only can eat for 2hours.
Damm it la.

Are we pros?
Dearest cooked the chicken for me .
Damm nice .
We eat as though we eating sushi.
That's the sprit .
Buffet ma/

Today's is so not like a SYF day .
Tuition sucks .
Cause I smell like a roasted angie
When I headed for tuition
Smell damm meaty.


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