Friday, April 03, 2009

Best decribes my feelings now .

I am seriously confused.
Friends did say this to me .
" Angie, 你一点都不angie 了。”
What happen to you .

Blahblahblah .
& 我发现,

I waiting for Dearest's call .
So ya.
Percussion had a video .
I posted it up on Youtube already .
But let me find my link first alrights?

Percussion's dirty little sercets!
Sectionals at AVA Room.

Sengjun the sleeping budda pig.

The pencil got stuck into the ceiling ,
& it became like that.

Chemistry of Le fu .
Defined by Angie .

Many Challenges.
& Beware of disgusting scenes.

The above following photos ,
Is about a challenge to drink down the raw egg.
Ft. Junbin & Chinyang.
They rather pay then drink.
Too bad i didnt take a video .

While I was hiding playing with the cabinets.
Bnard started to explore Diyan's cina phone .

I'm so small that I can fit in .

Mr Mike bought us toast.

Ha, Act cute act cute.

IF you can see whats in the screen .
You will YUCKS!
Guess what's that .
Its a fried cooked egg.
A cooked egg,
Then fried it again .

The irritating one .

Dont say I use phone in class.
This is what's happening in class okay .

School property damages.

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