Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April's Fool .
I was fooled by Minfeng,
She told me she got suspended .
& my rat.
Damm it.
Scare him till he die .

Actually I got alot of things to say .
But i cant remember .
Super tired okay .

Chemistry of ( love ).
Mr Mike cook,
& make crackers for us.

Everyone's studing hard
& eating hard.

I guess everyone's very tired today .
I saw many people dozing off during assembly .
Including myself.
& we were eating bread not sweets inclass.
When there's no teacher .
While Junbin still continues to disturb me by pinching me.
Everyone started taking out phones to snap .
So am I.

Ahk , bad skin condition.
See, I so original !

I totally attitude Kalai today .
Lessons were okay today laaaas.
SS was totally retarded
Kevan & co . started disturbing me
Cause of Adriatic Sea.
Sir, no link .
Why rake about the past yea ?

" Forget the past, & move forward "
-Mdm Ismail.


Mock exam was a killer.
Just dont like it.

Headed for sectionals .
& I somehow witnessed a drama by Marcus & Clement .
Despite their age,
They STILL behave like kids,
& some actors.

Dinner was with DuckHO & Reuben .
Tuition was hilarious laaaaaaas.
Jiayi turned abit off .
& she make the whole class laugh.

Btw, my mattress arrived alr .
Super soft.
& Smells so ikea.
I was shocked when it came.

Tml's till 9 again .
& fredy is coming .


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