Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick for the 4th day ,
Couldnt make it for school.
& Trapped at home .

Everyone's talking about yesterday .
I saw it with Reuben
Aunt told me about it .
& she say she wanted to sms .
Ronald also talk about the rainbow yesterday .
Waa, super cute.
& He say
People say boonlay can see at 3.
Super zai la.
As usual,
I make a wish with reuben .
We made the same wish .
Though we knew it will never come true
But i still hope for the best.
Jiayous lo.

Two years ago ,
After a day of hardwork ,
The band saw a rainbow.
& Worked even harder.
Two years later,
Also after another day of hardwork
The rainbow appeared agains .
Will the band work even harder ?

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