Friday, February 27, 2009

Mad Percussionists

Band was overall good .
I still think that we need more sectionals .
(I know my juniors are cursing me upside down)
Today was damm funnnnnnnnnnnnnn la.
We had sectionals outside .
First, at my favourite place.
Then saxophones chase us away .
Second, we went to study corner at HomeEcons room .
Mrs Menon send OM to chase us away .
Walaos ehs,
we got super efficient sectionals,
& its bloody working alr .
Then chase us away .
Waa, hurt leis .
Finally ,
Went to the end of the home econs room there .
& played,
Marcus was freaking funny
I didnt hear my phone vibrate.
Then , he called me .
I didnt pick up .
Common sense.
Then when we came to check on us .
I check my phone.
Missed calls from unsaved no.
So I send a msg :
" You called me for ? & who are you "
& he was infront of me ,
& he replied my msg.
"marcus "
I shocked,
I was like,
You call me ar ?
Then he say : ya.
me : then you sms me ar?
he : ya , dont reply dont reply.
Act cuteeeeeee la.

Thanks Leemei for preparing Emaths for me .
I will pass my OMO!
Didnt take snaps of it .
Very tired today .
Chinese paper was tough .
But I was the first one to finish the paper.
Was discussing who will top this time round .
It definetaly wouldnot be me.
I can do fast,
But my results average.
Damm it !
Amaths is super fun laaaaaaaaas.
Love it .
Me & Diyan got super drama over my stupid calculator.

I emotionally stabled.
I regretted tearing justnow .
I am prepared t hear those gossips & insults .

Watch this!
Logesh dancing .
Diva laaaas.

Sweeter than applepie .
Who ever says this, will get it from me.
Sweeter than me ?
Go & Die la .
IF she can get that bloody animal .

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