Saturday, February 28, 2009

JJejejejejee , jellos.

Met Fenny & laoshu at 7 @ mac for breakfast .
I was surprising early .
Surprising ...
Had happy meal .
Cause I want to be happy
Got a toy .
& Idk whats that .
Talked & eat.
That laoshu took my precious mirror .
Look look & look .
& put it on fenny's tray
Which have a bloody load of ketchup.
In which my mirror got hurt .
Luckily, my leopard print was not injured.
Fen & that ass cleaned it up for me.
At that moment,
Me & Fenny took a sip of laoshu's iced latte
& the three of us got stomachache .
Lucky we also took a sip.
Unlike laoshuuuuuuuuu,
I think he pain untill like ,
As though I feed him with rat poison .
So poor thing.
I somemore drank AddyDuck's Idk what tea.
So, mine was worst than fenny's/.

sectionals with Ms DDB & flutes!
Cause there were no percussionist .
Good experience .
Headed for SS Class.
I love Ms Sasi .
Sat in between Bnard & meiyan
With that noisy kevan at the side.
Learn about that JI,
& Mas selamat.
Kevan say that,
Mas Selamat hiding in my house .
Inside my toilet bowl .
But , kevan .
I check alr,
Donthave leis .
I think he hiding in your house la.
Thanks penguin .
Cause I keep making him bend down
In order to make me finish coping the notes.
Lesson ends.

Band Dismissed ,
& ate instant noodles.
My PA accompanied me to buy .
Good right,
I got personal assistant somemore .
& accompained me to meet mum & aunties & uncle.
With PA, & PA's PA.
Get it ?
Went to Tiong Bahra .
Whatever the spelling is .
For religious purposes .
I told mum that that idoit we sat beside me at the bus stop
Thinks that he is Yan Ya Lun .
My mum laughed .
: “他帅meh?”
& shopped at the Tiong Bahra mall .
Or whatever that place is called.
Bought my Secret,
Like finalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy,
I believe it can make me a better person .
Went leaving that place that time .
Su Jun Bin gave a shock .
He tapped on my shoulder,
I didnt see anyone .
Then he tap agains .
& I turn .
& I saw his face.
Chatted a while
& bade goodbye .
Really dislike those auntie .
Why do they always think that ,
Teenagers , girl & boy talk ,
Or meet somewhere somehow ,
Equal in a realtionship .
Damm fuck leis .
Seriously .
I'm damm dammmdammmm pissed.
If really like that .
That means I got affair with alot of people la.
Very childish leis.
Arghhhhhhh, Pissed .
Okay ,
Headed home.
& electone class.
Shopping tml yo !

My 小帅, Ayden is turning one in 15days' (!)
Which make me older .
Damm it.
Arghh .

I must be persistence!
2more years to go ,
For everything to end.
God bless.

See , i practice habits of mind.

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