Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello .
Angie is struggling with her Amaths homework.
Still very sad.
I got nothing for my POA test.
Damm hot la.
Super suay .
First ,
I got scolded for illegial walking in school.
Cause I went to the toilet without a pass.
Somemore i pee le, wash hand jiu come out le.
Actually not only me .
Me ,Diyan , Erika, Fiona
We very fast alr you know .
& Somemore the toilet only got 3 cubicles.
& the flush all got problem one.
& We still needa wait for people to finish their business right.
Okay nvm
We somemore gotten permission from teacher.
Even teacher also say we ask her alr.
& yet she kp so much .
She said that which make me more angry
" Why are you all loitering ? "
Wtf ?
Where got loiter ?
I go toilet only ye.
Pee also loiter meh ?
& she continued.
" So what if your teacher give you permission .You do not have a pass.you are sec4 alr, you should be very clear of the rules. If you do not have a pass, then dont go out of the classroom."

So does it means that I can go grab teacher's pass,
Without asking teacher for permission to take their pass.
No need to ask teacher for permission to go out .
Because all you all want is just a MOVEMENT 'PASS'.
& am I right to say that if I got the pass,
I can loiter& walk around ?
Its not illegial walking what, I got a pass.
Right ?
Oh please,
I go toilet , maybe sometimes
I just wanna wash my hands,
Its not that Im gonna go in &do some hair treatment ,
Makeover , put make-up & stuff.
Come on ,
How long do you take to wash hands ?
5mins ?
Most to most.
(Based on the SARS thing)

Diyan was very pissed.
Did she mean that we all pee& poo in the class ?
Cause we cannot go out what.

Anws, Imma very understanding person .
I know that she didnt come out of all this rubbish.
& she was just doing her job.
I just very angry about it.
Blame her top superior.
Does she know how much time she wasted ?
I having Amaths somemore.
I would have been able to do one sum if she did not yell at us.
Yixin they all worst.
Kana punished.
Very angry .
Toilet only leis.
Then what about those who really loiter around the school?
I see alot of people loitering during lesson time leis.
Why never kana ?

My precious, expensive pen drop on the floor.
Not just break.
No more ink come out .
See la.
& my correction pen finish alr .
+ Idk whats wrong with me ,
I keep writing the wrong things.

Waa , angry ar.
I just feel very outcasted.

Thanks kor for sending me home :D

P/s : the one is blue is what she said.
p/p/s : the one is green is my OS.
p/p/p/s : i like that shade of green.

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