Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hello .
I'm currently waiting for my Beethoven Virus to finish loading .

Had band today .
Woke up at 645 .
Replied texts.
Nearly late.
When I reach ,
School gate not even open yet .
We are marvellous people.
We assembled ourselves in black pink blue.
Outside school gate.
Illegial gathering (?)
Joey got biten by a dog .
Hope she's fine alr
* hugs.
We were half an hour behind time when the school gate open .
& quickly practice my parts.
Mr Chiang say that there's the
Peranakan scales in it .
& Fredy ask me go Rock it.
Cool right .
Peranakan + Rock.
Idk band ended at what time ,
Cause we had english extra class.
Headed to Cbmac to makan after school.
With Diyan sweetheart.
Ate , then Jiajun Asri & yongphong came .
Makan also .
Started talking about band stuff.
& got so high after that.
As usual ,
I laughed untill everyone look at me .
But luckily , zhixin& grace sitting the next table.

Headed home after that .
& slept till 245.
Mum woke me up .
& prepare for tuition
After tuition
Watch tv,
Use com.
Webcammed with Benedict korrrr.
Damm bored.
Cause electone class was cancelled.
Played pet society.
& I totally forgot that I forgot to watch my shows.
Then buffer shows & watch.

I realised that the more I blog.
The more high i get.

Now, I want to rant.
I dont understand why some kukunehneh got so into Sheesha .
What rubbish sia .
I mean like,
Why is everyone so into it .
Its like smoking lor .
Ermm , what.
Flavoured smoking ar?
& rather to say its even worst than smoking.
& like damm proud that they go for sheesha.
Like damm yucks cans?
& like ,
They do it like machiam very good for health like that.
Please la ,
Its so disgusting & unhealthy lor.
& I dont know that its cool.
Idk why I am ranting .
But I just wanna rant .

I'm supposed to celebrate Valentine's with Diyan sweetheart ,
Cause we have band on next saturday .
The band's my valentine :\
Are you jealous ?
Infact ,
We are celebrating Valentine's with Maris Stellaaaaaaaaaa.
Cause we are having a band exchange next sat.

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