Sunday, January 11, 2009

小娘惹 Was crap la.
Cheat people feeling de lor .

Shopped with Mum today at town area.
Bought shoes , shorts , stationery & stuff.
Saw many chongboonites in Hub .
Didnt care about them .
Exept Nienie :D
I said Hello to her ,
& she replied me something
Which I dontknow what she talking.

Bought this.
MAGIC CLEAN , Handy dusty!


Handle + head.

Combine , this is what you get,

Was cursing this stupid device for not inventing like
3 years ago ?
So that I do not have to like you know ,
Use a ruler & a cloth
To dig out the dust stuck in my little buttons on my electone.
For the past 3years,
I clean like siao lor.
But thank god Kaos finally invented it!
Because the dust would fly all around
& it wouldnt cause nose to be irratated .
Best choice for those who have nose allergic like meee!

I also bought sparkling juice for my sweethearts
Who will be coming my house on Cina New year.

Ohya .
Zhaofa told us this yesterday .
He say that he thinks he will fail
If he dont dota .


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