Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hi my silence readers
Hate it when you guys dont tag.
Makes me sad you know .

Anyways .
Yesterday was Growth Day
& it wasn't as fun as I thought .
Had the Assembly thing
With Mr Wong, Terence , Cheryl ,
Eshley & Diyan sweetheart.
First in the morning .
Cheryl & I was caught for hair .
Never clip up wrong .
Clip up also wrong .
I am seriously very unhappy ,
I mean the hair at the sides definitely will drop out
After moving around .
No matter how many clips I put wouldnt help .
& I got scolded not being a good example.

Had my Hp Saga thingy
& went back class.
Had target settings
& watched the sky .
No la.
Classmates did the video
& the rest of the class slacking .
We were not suppose to talk .
So we were all daydreaming or sleeping
I suppose (?)
Recess & Blah .
Had debriefing in the hall ?
Ya .
& Ms Chin screamed through the mike .
& we almost went deaf.
My ears are still hurting .
Basically ,
All the sec4s are complaining
Mrs Menon grandson is very cute!

Chiong-ed up for band.
Prepared the CCA Fair things.
& Blah.
Percussion Ensemble & the other ensembles
Wasnt a great success.
Due to the time .
Apologizes to all
Anyways ,
We introduced the band in a way
& teacher say we very cute
The sec 1s still can remember me!
Had performance & stuff.
Great work Band
Chongboon band 万岁!

Headed to Chongboon Market
Ranted with Boss, Bnard & JW.
Knew so much things that I had never expected it.
With Perc & Seniors.
Ate ice with Vigi .
Were like disturbing Jw
Cause of ---- *censored*
Vigi, Alex, JW left first .
& Chatting with Boss, Bnard , Emman & Duck.
Bused home with Duck .
We saw this girl doing Hw at the back of a lorry .
Then we were thinking what happens if her worksheet flies off .
How she gonna explain to the teacher.

Girl : Tcher. my worksheet flew out of my father's lorry .
Tcher : Say it if you lost the WS, dont gimme rubbish excuses.
Ask your parents to see me .
(Because tchers doesnt believe reasons like ,
my dog peed on my ws, my paper dropped into the toilet bowl ,
my grandma burn my paper , etc . Get the point ?)
Parent came to see the teacher.
Parent : Her ws really flew off of the vehicle.
Tcher : *stunned(?)

Or , if her WS kena birdshit ?
Duck came out with this .
"What if the girl WS flew out of the lorry & ended on the teacher car ?"
Tcher : *OMG* This ws & the handwriting is very familiar ,
I think I have seen it somewhere.
Then the next day , Girl reports to tcher that her WS flew out of the lorry.
& that , her teacher told her this .
Tcher : Its okay , cause I think your ws landed on my car when I was driving
on the expressway yesterday.
Girl : *Stunned!

However ,
We were the only one laughing in the bus.
Went home
& Blah .

Oh ya.
ChengHao came back in a piece on thursday.
He told me that it was kinda of a miracle.
As he fully recovered from such a incident.

Ice cream says he miss me!
Angie is great, But not feeling well.


I need a haircut.

Au Revoir

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