Monday, January 12, 2009

Main Highlights of the day.

  • 23th Month Anniversary with D.Sweetheart.
  • Olevel results release .
  • Movie : Ponyo.
  • Shopping at Daso.

I got nothing to say about our anniversary .
Cause I wanna blog more about it next month .

Olevel results release today .
Boss got kinda well ,
& daphnie top the school.

Zongying got good results .
Top 3 ya ?
Hahas .
Headed to Dhouby Gaut.
Rate it :9/10
Kinda unrealistic .
But the storyline quite good .
Ponyo very kawaii .
Recommended to watch .

Saw a bunch of shuaiges before movies.
Kaos .
They aint ask me for number .
Ahhh .
The blue hair one was damm shuai la!

Back to the point
Shopped at Daso after movies .
Bought band stuff.
Wanted to buy personal stuff .

Went home after that.

双面人, 我身边就有几个。

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