Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good morning .
hahas .
Was suppose to meet Edwin today .
But due to the bad weather .
& change to tuesday.
I'm damm busy .
Going TPJC tml .
Then ,
Meeting Anderson & chuanjian
To pass them tickets.
Then band world with anderson .
Then zhaofa party.
*I hope i will be clean & dry unlike last year.

Sian .
I got nothing to post.

So like ,
I realised that
I spend hours &hours sitting in front of my com .
Spamming people .
with this.,

Hi there,
Maris Stella, St Anthony. , Chongboon & TPJC
Is having a combined concert .
Date : 18Dec.
Time : 7.30pm
Venue: Tampiness JC Auditorium .(air-conditioned.)
Price : $5

If interested ,
Please contact Angie @ 91294956
OR , .

Please support :]

But still
Please come ,
We are playing singapore premier pieces!

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