Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is so gonna be a damm vulgar post.
Just came back home 30mins ago .
& there's workshop tml /
Okay .
So ,
Today ,
Its a fucking fruitful day .
I rush like siao .
I was late, for meeting Jamie.
I was supposed to bring the juniors with me
& reach there by 745/
But overall ,
We were like damm early.
We somemore still want to hunt for mama shop.
That part was .
Then went to TPJC.
Lecture by Dr Goh Toh Chai.
I totally catch no balls.
Regarding the lecture.
Does it helps in improving our playing?
I realised that I wasnt that observe than before alr.
I wasnt able to hear the small little details.
& ya.
Did a little practice with juniors.
& did some magic to their scores.
Went to tampines mall after that
Got BOSS's birthday present
Trained down .
& fetch Xiaoli home .
Chiong home.
& rushed to amk again
Meet ChuanJian.
To pass him the tickets.
If you need more tickets ,
Let me know ;]

I was supposed to meet Anderson &Chuanjian at 330 .
But I reach AMK at only 4.
So no choice,
Changed the time.
Went to Coffeebean to look for my dear ice cream friend.
& i was like late for an hour.
But Ronald was even more late.
He reached at 5.
Bought A.icecream to walked around hub.
Went to my favourite place
Saw Jiewei Weijian & Adrian.
Damm zz la.
Then Xiaoli called me.
She make me thought that
There were some 保持通话 scenio.
Fooled Ronald when he called me .
It was icecream's idea okay?
Me & icecream was went up
& I saw him going down .
Ordered him to find us in 15mins
Or forfit.
Found us & ya .
He pulled my hair.
Dam pain cans ?
Walkd around aimlessly.
Went to mac
& slacked.
Fuck .
I dint eat lunch
& didnt have much appetite that time .
So , bought cupcorn & coke.
Walaos ,
That stupid cup of cupcorn .
make me very zzz.
Nvm .
Ronald was pissing me off.
& we were all laughing like mad.
Due to Ronald, that joker.
That kuku scared me la.
& i still owe him tickets.
Talked about many things.
Cause LONGGGGGGGGG time never catchup alr.
Talked about band , ghost & friends thing.
Since when did me & wanjing become rivals.
I cant remember lor.
Then at i dontknow what time
Walked to busstop .
Going boss's party.
Vigi was talking to me .
& ronald was disturbing me .
I gave him a hard smack on his head.
He suffered in great pain
& almost became half-wit.
Sorry , hope you are okay .
Bused to bishan thr.
& ya .
Went for boss party.
Slacked with fenny ,yy jie & 我的小老鼠。
Ate the biscuits inside my bag.
老鼠helped me clear.
Played 广东炒面、
& ate some disgusting sauguage.
vomit it out immediately.
As usual ,
I'm wet.
Clement was supposed to protect me .
But .
Still wetted.
Dint eat also .
No appetite.
I was damdammdamm tired la.
& stomach was not feeling well also .

Cute conver:
Amanda sis : your boyfriend got 3 girlfriend.(refering to clementtia)
Me : he is not my boyfriend, he is my 老鼠, he is my personal assistant.
Amanda sis : ohh .

Cause amanda & hassinah was fighting over clement tia.
Then walked out with
Vigi , sean , clement , amanda & her sis.
Then ,
Walked to intercharge with clement
& bused home.
Then there's one 怪叔叔,
sitting beside me .
Around the whole bus was like empty seats la.
Yucks to the max.
Then , faster alight .

I shouldnt have bettttt.!
Damm it lo .
死 bernard 还send 我 : hehehehe.
fuckfuckfuck la.
Fuck is such a common word.

I gotta sleep alr.
There's band tml

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