Saturday, June 21, 2008

yo peeps.
im still owing those obs photos.
just came back from tuition
&i was still feeling floating .
&today no organ lesson.
can watch videos.

tags reply.

nard: birds are saddist.they have worms for meals.
alan: ya:} camwhore in toilet.
ailen: yupps, i watch rolling love.
kengteng: passion for hello kitty la, nvm la, unique what.
selina&jasmine&kt: relinked!
haokor: huh?
sinyee: angry for?
jol: tqq, takecares too,.
stkor: yayas, stkor the best!
markers: yo, uncle markers!
dduck: im back ardy. :]
xinyi: same here , let roarr those rashes tgt!
emmadol : -.-, go urself.
sinyee: fun is fun , very tough leis.
yanru: linkkkkkkkkkkED!

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