Friday, June 20, 2008

hi peeps.
im back from obs.
went for phil winds concert on sun,
&took many photos.
meet stella &rus at 4 at amk mrt station
but mi &vigi was late,
went to buy flowers &cake.
flowers for mr leng, mr chiang, mr chong
&cake for stella.
cause 16 her bday.
then trained down to city hall.
&had dinner at mos burger.
meetup with band with stella &rus.
walked to esplande
&meetup withthe band/
camwhore with kt.

mi&sweetheart kengteng

vigi mi lena kt
then went to the rooftop.
madness at the rooftop

mi, kt &lena

mi stella vigi

vigi was trying to jumpdown?


overall the concert was great.
stella dint fall asleep.
she went homes first.
&me &kt &some peeps went stagedoor to give the flowers.
mr leng kissed my hand.
& i told hims that i grew taller.
i jumpjumpjump to convince hims.
&took photo with mruncle chong

talked to hims about somethings.
damm pekkchek.
but didnt cry.
so relieved.
cause everything i say out,
sure cry one.

then chiong homes.
cause next day obs.
special thanks to uncle chong who morning called me
at 530am, but i dint pick up.
oops,sowie &thanks.
meet lena &the rest at 6 , cbm.
&had breakfast ,
&walked to school.
people were walking at us like dontknow what like that
then bused to punggol jetty.
&take bus to ubin.
let me type in point form alrights/
I didnt surrender my phone.
basically, i was imagining can food into
delicious food.
i imagine maggie mee into pasta,
rice with badked beans&peanuts into parisbuffet meal.
bread into breadtalk bread.
&repling texts at night,
chatting with people.

-ice breaking
before that.
chongboon sat together.
dearestest &i started to sing.
played a game,&do those surrender belongings stuff
my instructor name is theresa
seperated with diyan sweetheart.
&grouped with eshley logesh jiahua &minfeng.
we were like wasting our time lors.
i keep saying food out,
then minfeng &jiahua keep stopping me.
-tent pitching
theresa ask us to meet her at the coconut tree there.
then mi jiahua &minfeng was limos.
-due to th rain, kayak postpone.
&i almost fall asleep during the briefing la.
{ buffet by the sea},it was so romantic.
we were like some stupid retarded down there la.

-chatting with zongying
i was sooooo bloody shocked
when he told me that we need to
kayak 8hours
&walk for 10km for hiking.
had some funny incident.
okayy , skip that part.
sort of confidental.
only people in the tent know.
slept with minfeng, jiahua, angela &irika
that irika damm cb i tell you.
We everynight got theme one.
today's was...
jiahua ,minfeng &angela they all was like
doing MONSTER.

the pt was like, carpark party?
most of the groups take at the rock wall.
but we creative.
we take at the coconut tree.
then i look at minfeng &jiahua,
cause i was sitting with yelicia,
while waiting for our turn.
me &minfeng was like giving each other stones.
then sea shells.
the one she give me in the sea liaos.
cause it keeps poking me.
sowie, minfeng.
&we were trying to catch fish.
&did alot.
i almost cant float.
&im so scared that im stung by
stingray &jellyfish

jiahua climbing
then my turn to belay,
she falling,
i almost fly up.
-rock wall climbing
didnt play.
was gossiping with angela.
damm tired i tell you.
-pitch tent at camp1.
infront of ship.
nice view.
-had a great dinner.
had cold drinks.
then got more at the dispenser.
mi&minfeng was drinking plain water,
then the uncle came.
we fastfast throw the plainwater away
then take the soft drink.
today's theme was flying stones.
-had great breakfast.
-sea expedition for 8solid hours.
started off at camp1.
nelly, eshley, amirah, anderson was
our leaders.
damm fun,
train muscles.
whatever the spelling.
&we need to pee in the sea,
&dabian inside also.
but we didnt.
paired with fydie
she damm cute.
she keep ohmama
when people bumped into us.
-overnight at ketam.
had rashes all over my legs.
we pitch tents.
&sleeping on stones.
need to wakeup &do duty
at 130am
did a while
ask for permission to do in the tent.
but me &angela too tired liaos.
we ziped the tents &slept.

-land expedition for 7solid hours.
before that,
we go the querry there,
build raft.
but failed.
my last finger was hit?
abit swollen &still hurting now.
then was chatting with anderson about band stuff.
the funny thing was that,
we standing 1m away from eachother.
&i was promoting concert to hims.
then we did k&p model.
our model was human.
we drew mole.
&got mao somemore.
then walked to the highest peak of ubin.
the scene was beautiful.
but tiring.
we walked in a marching style.
esh say then i say.
they was laughing at me.
then had cheer.
our cheer is we had no cheer.
get the irony?
jiahua was like
backside backside.
-dinner celebration.
walked back to camp2.
&damm happy.
pitch tents
was late meeting theresa.
&forfeit was,
to sit on eachother's leg & sing.
&played blow wind blow
i made some dish creations.
&eshley cooked them.
i put button mushroom with mushroom soup
then add maggie mee.
&had pasta
we were imagining ourselves eating at pasta mania.
& i put baked beans with sardines.
eshley was bloody shocked when i told hims
that i mixed because they same color.
we played with food la.
everyone was super high.
jiahua &minfeng started throwing rice &noodles.
nelly keep saying its her birthday .
&jiahua&minfeng started to chase her around.
splashing water at eachother when we were cleaning up.
-packing up.
mi&angela was like gossiping.
then instructors came.
we fastfast close our eyes.
&they shine torch at our eyes.
pain cans?
then sleep liaos.

-clean up.
-took photos.
-went back to singapore
juying peeps leave us first.
hugged eachother &cried.
then damm shocked.
suddenly anderson walked infront of me
i was so happy when i got into the bus.
&saw hdb flats

missing of some.
will upload soooooooon,


angie &angela


kayaking partner

mi &eugene,crabhead
i drew that crab on his hand


mi&pretty yanru
her hobby is to sopt shuaige.

tenzing& raleigh

weird faces.


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