Thursday, December 27, 2012

Syndey Day 3 : Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House !

After much shopping over at the Rocks flea market, we walked over the quay side, to the other side of the quay. WHERE THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE IS LOCATED.

One day I will go back there and enjoy a concert.

Le me points at the Sydney Opera House.
Le me points at the Harbour bridge !

I want to tell you all a secret. We.... didn't enter the building. 
We walked all the way there, snapped pictures but didn't enter the building to see the interior due to the lack of time. 
You have one minute to scold me.

 Harbour Bridge x Sydney opera house.

We split into two groups from there , Tingzhi with the boys and I'm with the other two girls.
Cause we ( actually more like me la) wanted to shop shop at the DFS Galleria.

Had to try McDonald's when travelling to see what's the difference from my home country wtf.
 The queue is !@#&*()
Ordering is not as simple as it is in Singapore. 
There were so much choices and most of the time we were figuring how to tell the cashier our order. 

We had to dine out of McDonald.
Doing it the aussie style, eat in the park.

 McChicken with cheese !

It was really pleasant to eat in a park in Sydney. Very relaxing and no insects that disturbs. 
I will never be able to do it in Singapore, I don't think I can last more than 5 minutes in Bishan Park. 

So much disappointment. 
Limited merchandise and the prices was not of an advantage.

That's all folks, till next time !



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