Sunday, December 30, 2012

EOY 2012

Still remember the last year, I blogged about EOY as a meido ambassador ?
Thanks to that, I was able to qualify for the Y-bloggist 2012 @ SBA2012 !

I was lucky enough to work with the EOY Team again this year , at a bigger event space.

Instead of being the meido ambassador, this year I went as a KC Girl.
The KC Girls wear this school uniform that is in blue ( previously was in pink) 


My job was to exchange cos-card with fellow cosplayers and EOY Quest players where they will need the QR Code on my coscard to defeat the monsters ! We also sold KC merchandise as well, go to our fb for more !  >>>>

It is always more fun to listen stories shared by an insider right?
Too bad for this year, I didn't managed to snap as a lot as compared to last year.
So most of the pictures are self shot. FML.
With June !

 Weather too hot I have to pull my hair !!!!!!!!!

Fooling around with Mirai cause I was bored at the booth !

With Yuki !
With Terumi !

 At the media walk through, managed to snap a little cause our intro was done !

It is fun to see that cosplayers actually do up such things to hype up the event. Of course there are more that's going around but didn't approach me.

>>>>>>>>> Mascot parade !

>>>>>>> End of event / work !!!

changed out of the uniform ! 
After I took the picture, I realised I look like some slut from no where. My dog life.
Sigh, I need to do something to my nose . >.<

With minni, and of course that's not our fingers!

Noelle, Minni, Neko and I stayed behind and had dinner with the team !

Look who can have romantic dinner by the bay !

Cheers to everyone who worked hard for the event, would also want to thank all our mama-sans, photographers and everyone who made the event an joyous and pleasant one !



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