Monday, November 12, 2012

320 Below !

Just when I still have not finish complaining about my regrets of not trying out a nitrogen made ice cream store in Australia, there comes the concept store entering into the Singapore market !

No worries , it's really safe to consume. What they did is they insert liquid nitrogen into the liquid ice cream mixture, where the liquid nitrogen would freeze up the ice cream and then serve to the customer. I really like it because each cup of ice cream is individually made and freshly made.

I was so excited when I found out ( thanks Yvonne & Clarence for sharing ) , I text so many many people and ask if they wanna try. ONLY WEIJIAN WANNA GO WITH ME. Fml

Bro making me real jealous about his chrome hearts tee! 

So you pick your flavor,  make payment , and they start making. When i was in Sydney, the ice cream shop staff were wearing laboratory robes ( is that what you call them? ), looking all like scientists. While in Singapore, the staff were wearing their shop tee. Still cool !

The shop is really colorful and I believe very fun themed. Even their ice cream makers are of different colors !

I believe this is the nitrogen gas !

The texture was really smooth ,  I had dark chocolate ice cream ( $4.90) while Wei Jian had peanut butter with oreo bits. I think this place is my next favourite ice cream place.

The shop is located at : 33 Mackenzie Road
Directions : Little India MRT exit A.

Hope you start craving for ice cream now.
K. Bye !



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