Monday, October 29, 2012

Sponsored gift ideas : JNR Entertainment @ *scape underground

If you have not been to *scape for the longest time, you would have not know that they have converted the mini skate park //flea market area into the *scape underground. And of course with the new facilities , there are many nice shops set up by youth like myself there.

 Well, today I'm sharing this little shop tug at the corner.
 JNR Entertainment provide one stop party need supplies & gift ideas.
Do check them out on facebook :
 Pretty colourful fancy balloons !
 かわいいテディベア !!! かわいいレベル9000!!!!

Also they have in store is a mini collection of customised candies ! 

 Probably something I will receive from my bestfriend cause he says I'm his sunshine ! X
 Perhaps a small gift for someone ?
 Designed packaging for choco-mints.
 Lovin' the meme themed kitkat !
My favourite find in store would be this Magic Choc ( $13.90) 
100% made with Belgian Chocolate , which explain the price , would definitely be a good gift for children to let them play & then eat it up .
Seems like a better deal than play doh to me. 

Even I want to get it too and play with my cousin . #cannotgrowup



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