Monday, October 01, 2012

Birthday Cake no. 3 + 4 // Birthday Breakfast & Lunch.

second September twenty twelve

Started my day with Mcdees breakfast with Jocelyn ,Lena, JinLing & Koey.
My face was beyond horrible that day , so awkward smiles all the way .

Breakfast with half of cliquey.

Later on the day, which was about half an hour later, while I was at work.
Fiona ( fave colleague from D&G) came into the staff toilet, passed me a cheesecake.

Lunch date with cliquey @ Fish & co. A treat from them ! Yay, thanks .
No pictures cause I was rushing to eat as I was working, only one hour break.

Dinner with parents after that !

Yea, & that's how I spent my actual birth day .

Thanks for reading !


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