Friday, October 12, 2012

A fishy date at 樂膳 / Rakuzen

ST bought me out for dinner one day before his birthday !
No pictures of us cause my face was still ..... and I didn't bring my camera(s)
All pictures from my samsung s2 , shot using instagram app !

We had all seafood I didn't realised until we finish the meal wtf.
そばサラダ  Soba Salad with wafu Dressing ($7) 

イクラ Salmon Roe ($18) 

Soft shell crab maki
Assorted sushi 

We were served by the manager (Anthony) I supposed and he really provided excellent service.
He have really good product knowledge, so if you need help , do look for him !
I like the grilled fish best, while the rest is quite meh to me.
I can't remember how much the bill came up to , but I think we had an enjoyable meal !

That's all folks .
Bye-bi !



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