Saturday, September 22, 2012

KTV on the go App on Android & iPhone : 唱吧

Recently my colleague shared with me an application on android, for singing session !!!!
An app designed for people with horrible singing like me but still want to sing wtf.

This application is called 唱吧 and it is available on Google Play /iPhone app store.

You have to create an account with them before you can start singing, for me I chose to sign up with my weibo account .
Also follow me on weibo kkkkk : 安萁萁
HAHAHAH I STILL DK HOW TO CHANGE THE DP  and I have no followers fml.

Some settings and features !

This is where you download the songs you want to sing , all for free ! 

Select the song you want to sing and start singing ! 
Recording is automatic, so you get to hear your own singing after you finish and also modify your singing ! (like into kitty cat voice, baby voice and also a change in background noise)

Start singing & Have Fun !


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