Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Cake No.1 // 15 minutes.

Yea. Spastic face from le birthday girl to start up....
Look, I totally need a nose fillers/ plastic surgery wtf. Birthday present anyone ?

Birthday cake no.1 celebration is a combined birthday celebration with Fenny , and we decided to have dinner with a bunch of awesome peeps at 15 Minutes, located at Laselle . The reason why we chose that place over the rest of places in our list would probably be because we both love Andy Warhol, and that's the closest we can have a piece of him now. We went for his exhibition n months ago and <3 .="." br="br">
Green apple soda

And our noms !

Southern Fried Chicken Wing ($5.90) to share
Fish & chips ($12.90)
Sambal chicken
Smoked salmon pizza

Bacon Carbonara ($9.50)

Grilled pork chop

Surprise cake for the *ahem* twins.

Making wishes

I love the atmosphere at 15 minutes. Food, friends and fame. Service is good too !
" In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes " -Andy Warhol

Rochor tauhway after dinner !
Tauhway and service there getting bad to worst.
Nonetheless still love tauhway eating with the group !
with Nicole & Don !
Love everyone in the picture ! Thanks for spending your evening with us .

15 minutes is located at  : 
1 McNally Street, Blk D, #01-01 LASALLE College of The Arts, Singapore

 Contact : +65 6333 5915 

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 10am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun)


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