Thursday, June 07, 2012


Sorry for missing for 2 weeks on this space.
I'm finally done with the first round of ICAs and presentations and whatnot in school.
Yea, that's why I'm missing.
I'm done with my internship , but I haven't had time to sort out the pictures and share !

Nothing much happened in my life, except that I still attend events and I cut my hair.
Okay we start from the last day of my internship , featuring pictures in my instagram.

#1. on my last day of intern ( technically was a OT day) , I did a collab shoot for themidnightstore before I head to work.
 #2. #ootd for the last day of work , Sorry Joyce !
Fenny, Ying Zi , Joyce & Andy waited for me to end work . YAY!
 #3. Sumptuous dinner with Fenny, Joyce, Ying zi & Andy  @ Paradise Inn !
We shared set meal , so it's about 20 per pax .
 #4. Worked for Anime week @ Liang court the next weekend.
 #5. took free balloons from the cute balloon sculptor.
 #6. Share Hokkaido Melon Ice cream with Samantha after work. 2 for $5.
 #6. Game booth at  Anime Week , Liang court.

 #7. Xiao Long Bao Buffet + Udders with Jocelyn, Wai Htoo & Zongying ! ( separate post)

 #8. My new cousin, Avril @ her first month party.
 #9. With her prettiest cousin which is me.
 #10. Tried Ippudo for the first time with Weijian & ST on our shopping Thursday.
Too salty for me, don't really likey it.
 #11. Made Weijian do this with me on a Ipad, on a bus...
 #12 . Fish & Co. Fish & Chips tasting. So many fish & chips eat until we behave like a fish. 
(separate post)
#13 . Simple dinner affair with Ben, Fenny, Edwardrino, Yingzi @ Everything with fries, Holland V
 #14. Carbonara pasta both Noelle and I had during KC gathering.
 #15. Chop my hair to shoulder length and did subtle ombre.
of course you cannot see the color cause it is so dark.

#16. Strictly Pancakes with Adrian who have a bad craving on pancakes.
My bro here is enlisting soon . *hug very tight*

some of the pictures got stuck in ST's phone , so I cant post it.
Okay that's it.
I'm heading out.

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