Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting a gift at Earth & clay

Sponsored Review. 

Thanks to Nuffnang , I get to know about Earth & Clay !
Located at Suntec City Mall #03-075 ( you know in between toy r us and the cinema that row of small shops )
It was sooooooooo awkward cause I went down on the wrong day.

Anyway , back to the point.
What they offer is something you would not expect......

Look, I chopped off my hand.

Nah kidding.

What you can expect from Earth and Clay is an unique experience of life casting, where they will help make life size hands and feet from clay casting into scultures. The closest I could relate to was the hand waxing thing that was once raved about.
Both includes dipping your limbs into some liquid and then pull it out.

Well, instead of focusing the similiarites, let's talk about the differences.

My experience at Earth & Clay was lovely.
It was totally not what I expected.
I thought I had to dip my hand into something hot and then cold and don't know what will happen to my hand next. I was totally wrong.
The experience was extremely comfortable, clean and not messy at all.
It was easy to do, rather fast and a total new experience. 

What I had to do was to wet my hand and dip my hand into this pink thick liquid.
In this case they use Alginate for the mold.
Alginate is a material use for the mold for the teeth in dentistry, thus extremely safe.
Hand staying in it while mixture turn from pink to white.

Le me putting my hand into Alginate to set the mold.

After removing my hand, it was pretty much none of my business.
Okay no, I lied.

I clean off the excess and watch the founders, Kenny & Valerie help me fill in the mould.

Putting the Plaster De Paris ( which is used as an impression for teeth in dentistry) into my mold!

While I chit-chat with the lovely personnels, my clay cast is ready !

Removing the mold by cutting

 Spray color it and done !

This scuplture would be a nice special gift for like birthdays, weddings, events, baby showers, and maybe a self appreciation kinda thing.
Oh wait, did I mention that it is baby-friendly ?
Anyway if I had to give this as a gift, I would.... 
probably give it to my husband and I think it would be nice to write some words on the palm.

For some reasons, I always feel that putting words into someone's palm is very sweet.
P/s : I used to stamp/ draw hearts into friends' palm and then tell them that I gave my heart to you.

 Of course , other colors to choose from !
Look at how meticulous the palm lines are , I would say that it is 99% the same as the actual hand.
Before I end this entry, I would like to share some tips with you guys !

1. Don't go with long nails, cause most prob you will get chipped nails on your clay cast or not very nice nails.
2. Don't go with 3D nail arts as the alginate would probably get stuck in between the gaps of your nail stuff.
 3. Go with an open mind, there are chances that you might fail if you don't follow the steps properly.
Ending with a picture with Kenny & Valerie.
If you have any doubts, or you want to know more, do visit their web page : http://www.earthnclay.com.sghttp://www.earthnclay.com.sg

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