Friday, February 03, 2012

My favourite #Android game : Mr Tanaka ( 田中部長 )

About a slightly more than a month ago , I found the best android game in my life.
As in like ermmm , you see I am so lazy that I don't want to use my brains to play and I don't like games that is too exciting.
Eg : Racing games

Therefore I never had cool shit games in my phone.
My previous favourite games were ermmmm fishing joy and tiny tower. (I remove angry birds)
But I reset  my phone so I'm too lazy to get my high scores back.

Anyway , back to Mr Tanaka.
It is a Hanko game where you stamp on this little square.
p/s : hanko is an unique stamp , made by hand

I really think that Mr Tanaka is fun, no need to use wits, no need to use energy just tap. #noneedbraincells
Friends whom I shared with initially say that I play stupid lame games but got hooked to it in the end.

I love it on my HTC Sensation .
Hope you enjoy the game too ! ^^


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