Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Le Punggol Trip Part 2

Hi .
Aiya, this is just a self-absorbtion entry.
I just wanna make myself happy from what ever I am doing now ^^

Basically, this are some of the pictures the boys took with of course me being the subject .
Very happy got people want to take picture of me.

Photo Credit : Conan
Received  pretty much compliments for this picture.
& I think I look quite adorable too.
I likey this picture many .

Photo Credit : Benvoda
Just nice , Ben took a shot of Conan taking the #1

Photo Credit : Conan
I know I very small , the road very big , the sky very blue and the grass not very green.

Photo Credit : Benvoda
A nearer shot of #3.

Photo Credit : Conan
The boys say I am le sundial

Photo Credit : Conan
Thought this is funny , because it looks like ben kicked the little green boy ! 

Photo Credit : Conan
 A happy child.

Photo Credit : Conan
Conan got high over the maomao grass, which is known as lalang in my primary science textbook .
& Both and I did similar shot like this.
Artistic hor

And behind the scenes, we have....

Ben getting the lalang into place.

Photo Credit : Conan
I did the same thing for Ben's shot hor !

okay .
Ermmm. that's all.
I hope you don't think that I bully their cameras.
I think I have abit of #prettycells also right ?????


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