Thursday, February 09, 2012

fourth feb, the week before I had exams for the last of a year 2.

Le Stress.
Mad awesome cause I'm finally almost done with being a Year 2.

Started my day with an informal with a project I'm working in progess.
Pictures with some of the girls ! ( the 比较熟ones )



Noelle's stitchy and Vincent's Rilakkuma !

Noelle's stitch head !
She was charging her phone so she remove the Stitch body !
Familiar faces? yups, mei-do ambassadorfor EOY 2011 .

Dinner @ The Cafe Cartel with ST after meeting.

Cute napkins from the restuarants.
& St says it looks like a hello kitty bow.


But obviously I look cuter.

Then I suggested this.
A bow tie

Caught "We Not Naughty", a local production.
My say :
Funny, educational but draggy.
Nice show overall, thou it was quite a lot of pump up for sponsors.
At some parts, really feel like you are watching a commerical. 
I totally can feel Nicole's feelings !
I guess it's a movie about social issues students face in Singapore?

Lepak time @ the river bay

Got Art tease drink and missed the fireworks show !
Caught a glimpse thou.

Got pranked and I took about 2 mins to realise that I was pranked. #bitchplease 

That's all folks !


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