Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jocelyn's 19th

It's a new year again and also Joce's birthday .
Her bday is on the 4th of Jan.
Spells O-L-D.

Diyan , Erika & I
Koey, Jin Ling, Jocelyn , Lena
Koey, Jin Ling, Jocelyn
Diyan , Me, Erika , Cherie
We are a clique of eight wtfwtf.
& we probably meet up only on errrr our birthdays ?
Sometimes we were too busy we didn't have time to celebrate some of our birthdays.

& the last time I met the clique was ... my 18th birthday?
& Not all were presented.

Anyway it was a rare chance that HENGHENG the 8 of us were free that day and able to make it for dinner.
No full group pictures cause , I think we forgot.

Settled dinner at Manhattan Central.
Service was wayyyyyyyyy better than it was at the bishan branch.

You all wanna see food pictures?
But I can't remember what we ate already you know.
Okay I'll still show.

Did I manage to make you all hungry?


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