Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Walk @ RWS


My entries are so lagging behind !
So how did you guys spend the last monday (some public holiday)
A few weeks ago , my year 1 classmates asked me along for this Big Walk @RWS.
Paid $28/ pax because there were 4 of us we managed to get the family rate.

Probably the most expensive event I ever attended.
Aiya just go and exercise la, if not people start accusing me of behaving like a lazy bum/pig/worm/snake/bear.

I woke up at like 6AM that day? And slept at 4AM?
& I survived the whole day , I went to have thai food with the kakis after I parted with the girls.

Anyways back to the BIG WALK>
Apart from paying $28 to get me to exercise, we were also given 2 goodies bags.
The first one was received upon registration.
Maritime Aquarium Entrance Ticket x 1
$40 Denizen Voucher ( which I deem was useless)
Half price special voucher for The Life Voyage show ( which I also think that it was useless)

Second one was received after the whole walk.
Presenting my kakis for the day .
(left to right) Xinyi, Grace & Zi xian !
Following the flow and walking towards Sentosa

We saw this Gain city "van" , I took a look and it's like a mini bicycle in it.
Wonder how it is like to be inside.
Finally we reached Sentosa Island !

Zi xian & I
Apparently, the $28 included a walk in Universal Studios Singapore.
I was so excited , it was my first time in .
The rides were all closed for the Big Walk Event but all of us just took out our cameras and snap pictures of everything!
Group picture before going in !

The whole place is super crowded therefore most of my pictures have humans covering half of it.

Thanks for looking into my camera , Po !

Another group picture at IDK Where !

I know its like over exposed. And you also can see that I am too lazy to photoshop them.

Xinyi and Zixian posing with idk what character !

Then I decided to try and take self portraits with USS as a backdrop .
Kinda #phail.


 Pass shot.
Everyone in ? Checked
Dinosaurs in? Checked.

These statues are largeeeeeeeeeeee.
We didn't bother to take pictures with the statues.
Say hi to the tiny weeeeeny uncles and aunties in the pictures.

Thought it was not bad.
Me : Smile happily.
Grace: eh you see that one
Zixian: Oh , picture?

Grace & I

Thanks to my MSC Days.
I fell in love with the #fisheye effect. Boorh.
Some kind soul helped to take the 2 pictures for us.

Thought it was cute, hehe
A couple holding canon 60D volunteered to snap for us.
& I had to take picture for them in return.

Horrible kids. Horrible.
But the focus is on the yellow cab. 

Got out of USS after a while.

Rested a while and bought Ice Milo from McDees @ indoor flying place.
No drinks were given along the way , we had to get our drinks at the ending point.
-________________________________________-  #minitrollface

By the time we were near the ending point.

Last group picture
At last !
The ending point.

The water station were the place where we take our bottle of mineral water and a packet of H2o.
Thank goodness I brought water , if not we would have died of thrist.
Collected our goodie bags which contains some digestive biscuits , drinks and useless discount coupons.

Various activities to take part in after walking a few kilometres.
We didn't join the games, we were too old for them.
Plus we are starving.
Decided to head back to Singapore Island. #likeatourist

& when we reach Imbiah station?
KABOOMS. Swarms of humans.
A little disappointed with the crowd control though.
But I guess it wasn't really the management's fault.

The queue for tram was all the way back where the buses were!
The famished us got bus to Vivo City by the Shuttle bus and Long John Silvers for lunch !

The Applepie Rates.
Experience : 3.5 /5
Cost : 2/5
Fun level : 2/5
Exercise : 5/5


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