Monday, November 21, 2011

20th World Orchid Conference + Preview of the flower dome !

I actually have tons of work + blogpost to work on now, but I'm sharing with you where I went yesterday and what I did.
Warning : Image heavy

Rubs brought me to the 20th Orchid Conference yesterday as she had a pair of free tickets from her mum.
The Orchid Conference lasted for a week , today being the last day .
There were free shuttle bus service but we walked there.
The queue was too long.
The man in black was the usher.
Entry Ticket
& Into the Orchid Exhibition !

With Rubs , Inside the convention centre
I took more than hundreds of pictures but all mehhhhh.
Picked out some better ones.

Typical Auntie-flower pose

Another auntie-flower picture

The flowers were withering :[

V Miss Joaqium X

Some pictures from the flower arrangement segment.

It looked mad fluffy in real ! I'm sorry my pictures didn't do it justice.

We took nearly 30 mins to find the Flower Dome/ Gardens by the Bay.

The security guards + staff at the concierge gave us different directions.
Manage to find the way OURSELVES.



elephants sculptures

Because I like elephants <3333333333

 Finally we are done with the Flower Dome !
Here's more pictures on the Gardens By the Bay as we walk out .
Didn't take pictures when we came in cause we did video instead.

We did not have time to research on the garden's concept and all but I believe it's based on the 4 races in Singapore.
Indian Garden

Chinese Garden

 I strongly believe that this is avatar inspired.
 Walked back to MBS & Cabbed over to City Hall Mrt cause I was mad rushing !

Rubs & I

Hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I had that day !


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