Friday, November 11, 2011


HAPPY 11/11/2011 DAY !
Still remember the other day Duffy boy showed me a “love letter” that I received? (clickable)

It says that I need to put it in the freezer for 15mins in order to see the message.
So ...

After 15mins....

the message showed up !

It says "Kawaii Angie your smile is like sunshine xoxo "

Actually this is a free application by Pilot Pen Singapore.


Step1 : Click this :

 Step 2 : Click start .

Step 3: Type out your message and choose the recipent.

Step 4 : Choose 2 friends to decoy you.

 Step 5: Done and wait for your friend to receive the card !

Since it is free,
I sent out to some of my friends!
And one of them is Fenny !

Well well,
then let me just share with you guys a little about my friendship with this girl.

Please say we look alike.

People always ask ,
Oh yes, we get that alot.

Coming back to the point, we know each other since secondary 1, through our CCA, band.
I don't think we took pictures together in sec 1.
Even if we did , I think we have #trollface so it doesn't matter.

I think it was when we move on to secondary 2, we started to be a little bit closer.
Go out together and such /
Picture taken by our junior Reuben ( i miss you too if you are reading this ,x)
I remembered it was taken by a 5 mega pixel phone camera.

Secondary 2.
Then secondary 3.
The seniors step down from various CCA positions and we took over.
The picture below shows a little bit of fun we had in the band room.
(Of course with the other band mates too )

P/s: Here's actually some videos we took in the past somewhere in my blog, but you gotta hunt for it because even myself don't know where is it !
Secondary 3
 Picture taken in Hong Kong.
Still secondary 3 but in QESOSA HK classroom
 Graduated from Secondary School , moved on to tertiary education but still kept in contact.
See, I told you we have similarities right.

@ Kawaii koohii

Watching juniors' SYF competition !
 I guess I was around that period that I got pretty active in blogging events.
Made some blogger friends and brought her along !

Far East Movement Concert.

Doing Videos together
 Then she sort of got more popular than me.
Everyone would ask me "WHERE'S FENNY"  if she didn't attend a event together.
Did I just make it sound like we cannot be separated or something?

Get your sexy back event.
 We celebrated our 16th birthday together , but I can't find pictures .
But here's a picture of us celebrating our 18th.
Celebrated 18th bday together

Enough said.
I'm going out to meet Fenny now. #truestory.
Have fun with the free facebook application and stay happy !


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