Friday, October 28, 2011

First time at Genki Sushi

We had Genki Sushi for dinner !!!!
WOW-ed by the iPad food ordering system & bullet train serving system.

Nearly everything was automated, especially the staff -________-
See empty dishes don't know how to clear one.

You press the button after you collect the food from the train .
If not you will get cursed by the whole row.

oiishi nyannnnnn !
Tamago sushi so-so only
Noms we had !
I can't remember the names but I can remember the prices.

This rice bowl is super worth it can ?
Chawanmushi - $2.30

Petite Terreyaki Rice bowl -$3.80

Tori Karkage Maki -$1.80

Tuna Maki  & California Roll

Udon + vegatable karkage set.

This is nice !
It's Seared shrimp with mayo + Black pepper.

Kitty plates are $1.80 each , yellow plates at $2.30 & gold plates are at $3.80 each

We found a kitty with mouth!!!!


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