Monday, August 01, 2011

Singapore International Jewelry Festival 2011 in 10 pictures.

Do you go for the Singapore International Jewelry Festival held in Marina Bay Sands this year ?
If not, let me give you a virtual tour featuring the highlights of the show.

Thanks to IMSG , I manage to get a little closer with some of designers together with blogger friends William & HP.

Disclaimer : I do not have enough pictures to cover everything, only featuring 3 highlights.
Local brands like On Cheong, Lee Hwa and Tianpo were also featured in the show as well.


One of the show piece is the set of three Spinel gemstone .
A 46 carat stone for a pendent and a 25-carat pair for earrings.

This beautiful set is accompanied by 'D' colour GIA certified diamonds.
& The price for this ? S$5million.
The heart shaped spinel ring caught my eye.

Which girl wouldn't love this????

Next stop , we headed to see the snow leopard.
How can I not insert hearts with I see such a pretty leopard bracelet .

Featured in the Dangerous collection ,Snow Leopard bracelet is covered in 19k white gold with black and white diamonds , eyes with green garnet.

With the Designer.
The piece she is wearing is her own creation, Kite Pendant from the Bringing back the Glamour collection

I believe if you read the newspaper , you would have seen this.
The only life-size beweled horse in the world.
The horse is made up of 518300 carats of gemstones .
These gemstones includes
- Black diamonds
- Eye of the tiger
- Agata Musco
- Black Onyx
- Jasper orbicularis
- Red cornelian
- Corniola brown
- Yellow calcite
- Dendritic Gate
- Rutile with quartz

You can see from the picture , we are with the creators of the horse.

Look at duffy boy's tired look.

That's all.


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