Monday, August 01, 2011

Fist of Dragon Gala Premiere

Thanks to Joey and Nuffnang, I managed to go for the gala premiere for the movie " Fist of Dragon - 龙拳" last Wednesday.

I didn't expect it to be so grand I was super underdressed.

Us with 挥哥

With the other NN Bloggers.

Director, Actors , Editors saying a few words.

We managed to get ANOTHER picture with the Director/actor after the movie.
Where we also did a short interview with him.
He mentioned that the movie was inspired by Bruce Lee.

With 很可爱的 Monday !
You will not believe it because he is so different from the movie.
His character in the movie is like a screwed dude high on drugs.
Very handsome in the movie also , with eyeliner.

He also told us that the movie was filmed along the Tofu Street in Malacca .
The same place as little nyonya but it gave a different feel in the movie.

Watch the trailer :

I feel that in general the movie is dedicated for kungfu show lovers and trying to convey about the importance of unity .
There are gruesome parts that lasted a min or so, basically I was covering those parts and didn't see.
Although I found some loopholes, but it is still a great action packed movie.
If you are a lover for action packed movie, this would be a must watch for you .
Do support local movies !

Ratings: 3/5

Photo credits: Joey & William


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