Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SingaPOP + BayBeats 2011

Last saturday was a super busy day .
I woke up late and made Fenny rushed with me
Calvin had free tickets for us to go for the SingaPOP concert & off we went.
Before that , we also met up with one of the popular cupcake makers in SG.
(Will talk more about that in another entry !)

The SingaPOP concert was held at the promontory @Marina Bay .
The same place where we were at on the national day ! ^^

SingaPOP is actually a concert where we all celebrate/pay tribute to the 50 years of pop music development in Singapore.

Artists from the 1960's to the 21 century all gathered to put up this show!
More familiar names will be Olivia Ong, Kit Chan , Dick Lee, Tay Kewei, Ah-du

Really 大饱耳福 for me.

As you can see, I only manage to take shitty pictures you can't even see the features of the artists' face.

Fenny, Yingzi & I decided to just sit at one side and listen.

I brought my duffy boy along too !

Like really sit at one side.

I was ermmm shy to take picture with the other two !

Wanted to have some food after the concert,
& passed by Esplanade.

BayBeats 2011

Had dinner in sleepy mood and homed aftermath !


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