Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I know right !!!
I'm like super effective in getting this up.
I celebrated the National Day at the Promontory Marina Bay with awesome people.
Not only that there were lesser people , there were performances by NUS and a clearer view.

It was the Rag & Flag Day for the NUS Students in conjunction with the National Day .
There was live broadcasting too !

Hor! Singapore, I caught you littering.
Y U NO throw the confetti into rubbish bin , why throw in the water.

The reason why we had a clear view.

Calvin took this .

Karma photo.
I didn't know I have this until I was filtering the pictures.
Conan's camera ALWAYS cannot focus when I pose properly or somewhere there.
There you have it, a off focus picture.

Looks like some wormy electrical thingy from movies.

The boys moved into the privileged area and Fenny & I was left behind the barriers.


With Leon !

Take 1 : Conan didn't look at my camera.

Take 2 : My HAIR spoiled the picture :[

Take 3 : A pass i guess.

Then the boys went back to their camera's place.

And we wait for the fireworks.
With my shity camera, I decided to take videos instead.

After the fireworks, we walked to Chinatown for desserts.

Fenny & her strawberry snow ice , & that's Daren at the background.
New friend new friend.

& The snow ice team had a challenge.

Mine !

Abrupt ending with a rather adorable picture of me & my dessert.

I shall go do my work
& all the best to myself & my team for the final presentation in CRMCC



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