Thursday, July 28, 2011

NavyBlue Monday Birthday Celebration @ Shin Kushiya!

Hey peeps !
I am so glad that I received $30 vouchers from Shin Kushiya the other time during the Gastromania feast.

Not sure if you can remember.
My favourite kushiyaki that day was the tomato maki and ebi shiso maki .

Arranged up a dinner date with the other blogger friends William , Hongpeng & Jessie since we all received the vouchers and do not want to waste it.

& to celebrate Shuqing's birthday as well !
We headed back to the branch at Far East Square for dinner.
No pictures but I didn't know that that place is quite a nice environment to chill out with friends.

Complimentary salad with miso dressing.

We were all super hungry and were looking for super filling mains.
Therefore, we ordered the donburi and kushiyaki to share.

Thanks to bad lightning , we took out our external lighting support to snap!

My Tori something Don .
It is basically grilled/fried chicken layered with a soy ginger based sauce.
The chicken skin is crispy and not yucky at all.
It is supposed to come with an egg but I requested it without.

Not in the "心" list but STILL YUMMY !

I didn't try the others so I can't determined if it is yummier than mine !

Shuqing's Oyako Don
Pan fried chicken , served with egg in a rice bowl.

Erm it looks like kaki fuyong served in poly canteens.

HP's Unagi Don.
Unagi fish and rice lor.

Jessie's Hotate Kakiage Don.
Lightly fried scallops and vegetables served in a rice bowl.

Not sure why a lot of people mistook them as toriyaki .
Shin Kushiya specialises in KUSHIYAKI ya?

Left to right,
(1) 金针姑 wrapped with Bacon
(2) 2 x Tomato Maki !
(3)2 x Ebi Shiso Maki !
(4) Meatball.
(5) Chicken - i cannot remember the name.

To my surprise, not only the tomato maki will burst in your mouth.
The 金针姑 wrapped with Bacon came with a pleasant surprise as well.

William's ! Not sure what is it called, but I know it is $17.80

Tofu Cheesecake as Shuqing's very small birthday cake.

With the birthday girl !

The 3 of us :D

Total cost for the meal was around $118 .
I think that it is rather fine for 5 pax.
However ,do note that we actually did not order any drinks.

Advice 1 : The rice bowls are portioned quite big. By not over ordering food can help you save moolah & reduce food wastage.
Advice 2 : Always eat the kushiyaki first. Eat it while it is hot !
Advice 3 : Go with a group of friends (eg 6 pax) so that you guys can share kushiyaki and try more variety. (I'm totally stuck at the ebi shiso maki & Tomato maki )

I hope you are reading this.
& sorry that we didn't spend a cent on the treat. (笑)
— & Hope anyone reading this find it useful !


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