Sunday, July 17, 2011

Have a break , be gaga-fied

You will not believe this , because I can't really believe it myself too.
Thanks to HP, I manage to catch the Mother Monster aka LADY GAGA live at MBS two Thursday ago.
It was a very impromptu decision was a last minute notice thing.Thank goodness I didn't have any thing on after school that day .

Rushed home and to the venue, my cab fare costed $16 from City Hall MRT to Marina Bay Sands . #sweats
& the journey took 25 minutes.
Must say because this is a lesson learnt : NEVER cab during peak hours.

The showcase lasted for only one hour but it was a blast.

The atmospher was great, the bass were strong enough and the band/dancers were awesome.

I was tall, but the others were taller ( all with the help of killer heels )
Yucks play cheat.
Okay the point was that because the others were taller than me, I decided to just focus on the screen .

But sometimes, I will peep through all the iPhones, blackberry and one CCB iPad to take a glance at the mama monster.

My goodness, she looked absolutely gorgeous with her green hair !

After the concert, we saw other bloggers and Mediacorp artistises.

We saw pikachu there too, LOL.

Many little monsters also dressed up really like little monsters.
And all so hiao , heels probably 15 cm tall.

And my only regret ?
Being contented with my height, not buying wedgess/pretty heels to wear.

Half the time I had to tip toe and siam the stupid iPad .
iPad Auntie, I hope you are reading this and please don't bring iPad to concerts anymore. Thanks a million

Although I am not a vivid fan of hers, I am really very happy that I got to watch her sing live.
She's really good at live shows, and daring.

Shall start praying for tickets of her next SG show to drop from the sky.

photo credits : Joey @ & Christina Chung


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