Saturday, April 30, 2011

Singa-planet Exhibition

Hello everyone !
I know I took so long to write this , but by the time this post is published.
The exhibition would have ended a decade ago .

It was after the Loopz event with the Gplus bloggers + Wong Lilin that we went for the exhibition.
Just nice, it was a stone away from the spa boutique.
Since we got nothing better to do , and that Mirai suggested about it .
We headed on :)

Heart shape ! can see not ?

Japanese are always japanese.
Japs works are always very , I meant VERY detailed and precise.

The exhibition was mainly about SINGAPORE.
A very different perspective from the artist, Yamaguchi Akira.

Here are some photos I took that sorta showcase the works.

Oops HP look unglam and quite gu niang in this pic

This is my fave piece !

Yes , and thats all for today !

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