Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sakura Fest

Hello everybody !
Ringo is back . *ahem
I went for Sakura Fest on the very last day .
All I can say is , ermm quite boring .

No make up and wore nothing fanciful .
( Mainly because I woke up late laaaa)

And I am very tempted to tell you to just look at the pictures because I am very tired of typing .

So enjoy the pictures with our faces !

Fenny's yellow shoes to photobomb the ah bu neh neh sitting infront of us


keisuke ramen + biggulp (we share) for dinner ! :D
Maxi shiok to eat keisuke ramen(!!!!) and listening to saiko sex at the same time \m/

Cosplay Idols I cannot remember their name

With Rei ! <3

That's all .


1 comment:

  1. i told you it's boring shitttt~~ hahahahaha


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