Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Last tuesday, I was psyco-ed by @curbsidekid and @heartsforsale to watch 'Red riding hood'.

In my point of view , I will rate the movie 6/10.

I did not watch the trailer beforehand and I was told that the movie had a little bit of thrill, romance and gruesome scenes.
I particularly like the way the story started, narrating the red riding hood's life since she was a little girl(valerie).
And that she grew up with a guy she like .
The scene sets were also not bad .
The house got thorns one I tell you.
However she had to marry another guy.
(You know lasttime cannt choose who to marry one)
The werewolf didn't make any trouble for the past 20 years.
I don't know why, but werewolf only come out on the full moon right?
So ya, valerie's elder sister got killed by the werewolf on the full moon day and this angered the whole village they were living in.
But people were also wondering why she come out on a full moon day.
The men in the village then got together and head up to the mountains and 'kill' the werewolf .
They thought they did, but they were so wrong .( they killed the animal wolf)
The pastor or something come to the village the next day told them they underestimated their opponent (which is the werewolf).
The people did not believe him and continued their celebration.
Then the werewolf came to attack and took away lifes. That's when the villagers realised that the real werewolf is actually a human that transform after the full moon is out.
And I think it somehow angered the werewolf and caused more lives to be lost.
The pastor was also too much lah, seriously. Put human into the metal elephant .

Eventually the pastor died too. Wee!
There are quite a number of twists in the story which made the story different from the fairytale and much more interesting.
The romance part is quite nice too because there were a lot of secrets in between her finance, her crush and her .
As well as her parents and her sister. Love triangle in short !
During the movie , we had our fun share of guessing who is the werewolf .
There were many clues guiding us to our guesses along the way.
There were quite a number of misleading clues too.
My guess were wrong :(
But the real werewolf was one of our suspects.
Trust me , you will be surprised by the werewolf's 'human-form' character too.

The storyline is good.
And pretty much like twilight i guess.
However , I felt that the ending was quite ridiculous and could have been better .
I was expecting something more scary or more romantic then they had concluded.
To me , I felt that the amount of suspense were too much. I
t was boring me already!
I think it was okay for the rest though .

I recommend you to watch this movie if you are bored and if you wanna waste time ,
not a MUST WATCH movie .
It is just a more adult way of interpreting the Red Riding Hood!

I suggest parents NOT to bring their children to watch as I believe they will have nightmares for that week,
and I felt that the romance part not suitable for children.
But if you think you got confidence in your child, I guess it is okay.
You can tell your child that the werewolf is coming to bite if they are refusing to sleep or behave at night . Wahahahhahaaha.
I think I can be kindergarden teacher already!


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