Monday, January 24, 2011

Ah sunday's fruits.


photo credits : Kelly.
Love the over exposed lighting
Last sunday was awesome
& this coming sunday will be great too !
*pinky promise !
Started my day with electone class.
I tell you
Performance was a few hours before that ,
& Reached home about 1 plus .
washed up and everything
Slept at 3am the day before.


Anyways .
Had to quickly prepare to meet the girls.
Kelly & Mirai.

Settled Lunch at mos burger with Mirai first.
Cause we couldnt get to Kelly.
Kelly & Keith came over to join .

Keith (as usual) send us over to akibanana .
Thanks !
Had a mini photoshoot with Kelly's friend
Also some old customers of the cafe.
Will share in a seperate post .

& Kelly

& Mirai

I know you asking why we head back right.
Cause its the last day of the cafe at the current location.
& also we shared alot of memories there.
Positive or negative.
You judge.
Too bad I miss the outing with yui , koey and the other girls.
& I dontwanna 刺激my guailan stomach .

Cute or not ?
My favourite.
I told a video of it.

Mirai playing the doraemon game.

My eye makeup is eaten up .

Took a picture with a sweetheart
Cause she say she likes me .
She deserve a picture with me .
<3 Headed over to meet vigi . Make her wait again . Paiseh ! Settled dinner at Aston's

Vigi's Hicktory BBQ chicken

My chargrill chicken .
( as usual)

SP's Musical Delights.

The concert was overall great.
I like the percussion ensemble
with all the ipads and iphones.

Headed home after that .
I love vigikoh.


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