Friday, December 10, 2010

Training At Cerebal Palsy Centre

Hellos !
NYAA is having a xmas party with the kids at the cerebal palsy centre
This coming saturday .
So some of the facils head down to the centre for training !
More like bonding actually .

Photo credits : yaoan .

Spontaneous me.

& jolene.

You know what ,
I really like this picture.
Thanks yao an !

Cuties from nursing.
Really ar.
They are more daring and caring.

Studying while waiting for the staff to fetch us
Feeling really anxious and nervous.

Disturb while waiting.
(For cbss peeps.
The guy in yellow look like lingzheng right !!!)

In the classroom .

What we did was interact with the kids.
& its more of getting ourselves prepared.
Mentally and physically .

Before we head in ,
Benji was like telling me
" Dont get frightened by them "

This is Mabel .
& she sang us Twinkle little star.
I was so touched I nearly teared.

I dontknow how I could talk to them.
But some of them are so friendly
I actually have a nice time with them.

After the training .
I felt that I was really fortunate.
I have a healthy body .
I walk and talk and eat properly .
My brain works well.

I've worked with autistic kids
& now celebal palsy .
I really have to say that they are just slightly different .
Everyone esp typical Singaporeans
Can show more care and concern
& not condemn them in the society .

Love , world peace.
Angie .

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