Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ginvera Review

Thanks to again !
For sending me 2 goodies this time round.

Not this ,

But this !
1.Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away

2.Whitening Marvel Gel.

It stated
" Jade roller is more hygienic then other rollers as it has energy to inhibit bacteria."
Jade leis .
Not cheap one leis !
I though jade was only used as jewellery .
Now I know its also good for skin ! :smiley:

So I came out with a picture story .

Featuring panpanda !

I guess my sampling time was too short for a visible improvement for my dark circles.
But what I like about the product is .
Its cooling effect.
Its really comfortable
& perks me a little before I head off to school.
& also .
I realised that it helps to reduce the swell for your eyes .
My eye was swollen the other day.
Due to some little thing growing in my eye.
& i just applied it .
After around 5mins ?
The swell wasnt as bad alr .
Around 50 % reduced i can say .
Dark circles - 3/5
Cooling Effect - 5/5

Easy application is something I look out for
When I chose my skincare.
I mean who would want things to be complicated ?

Did you see the 100 people challenge they had for marvel gel ?
Anyways .
I really doubt it can work before sent me.

*try in toilet*

Actually through the pictures,
Cant really see the difference.
But I can say


( I use my hand for picture illustration)

Then wash off.
Thats it,
See !
I told you it works.

And to make myself believe that it works.
I wash off and put on again .
& the 2nd time I wash ,
there were much lesser white xiuxiu .

So I got high and started playing with it.
I rubbed on my hands.
& my neck (extreme alot of dead skin)
&My knee.

And nao .
I'm totally in love with it .

You should seriously have this in your wash room.

OH ,
Do youknow about the facebook contest ?
& you want the sample too ?
For more info : Click here.

Thats all folks .
Thanks for reading .
Hope this would be useful to you !


  1. hello panda!

    alot of photos this post worrxxx!! <33 hahahahha

    i worked with cerebral palsy kids before in my clinical attachment. i enjoyed my time with them as it inspired and motivated me to be a physiotherapist more. hehehe.

    *promoting physio* hahahaha

  2. KELLY> hahaha, Ofcourse. Need to promote the chio me ! haha.


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