Friday, December 24, 2010

A girlie date part 1.

Konichiwa ~
I am Angie .
& today's topic is about my trip to marina barrage./
*insert innocent girl voice*

okay .
Clique-y had a trip to Marina Barrage.
Sadly , diyan & lena couldnt join us for various reasons.

My outfit was inspired to be a blur kawaii witch .

I met the girls straight at the barriage.
Because I had a secret mission
& I told a white lie.

A surprise for Jocelyn !
I told her that I was stuck in school .
& will be late
& Meet them straight at the place .
But the actual fact was that I didnt even go to school.
I supposedly had to go school for proj meeting.
But my classmate Joey was sick .
so it was cancelled.

Anyways .
I went to city area to get the exchange present
& a (bigger) cake for Jocelyn .
& Mini cake
& everything xmas-y.
I bobian have to buy that mini cake for her .
The cake's name was PAPA NOEL .
From breadtalk .

Well ,
it was a planned surprise from me jinling & koey .
Hope she likes it.

Then the key to the outing
xmas gift exchange.
Picture with the gift we bought.

Exchanged gifts.

Draw lots !

& the one we received.
Mine is a tinkerbell bracelet.

Then picnic !
( they started before I came )

& of course ,
Take pictures.

My shades cannot stay on my head
Cause my head's too small .
So ling helped me to put on with her shades.

After this .
I fell sick.
My tummy decide to throw tantrums
& make me stay in the toilet.

By the time I was better.
The girls came indoor
Cause it was raining alr.

pale looking me.

Thats all for part 1 .
Stay tune for part 2!!
loveyou .

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