Thursday, December 23, 2010

Band investiture 2010.

HiHi ,
Chongboon band had their investiture last tuesday .
To show my care and love ,
I attended and celebrated with them !

I didnt take photos for the band investiture part
Bcause I was plain lazy.

PEC dint reunited
But 3/5 of the members + Yuenyee
took retarded photos.

Examples as follows.

Percussion had a mini investiture too !
Which is more epic and fun .
Less formal.

Percussion style !

Feel really proud to have juniors who outshine me.
& Be much better.

I love the band .
I really does.
Its the place that taught me many values
The only place that really make me relax myself.
Unleash my potential & outdo myself.
The only place where I can enjoy what I am doing
& Be myself.
(yes the slightly abnormal me.)
A section that cares for one another .
Like a lovely family.

Starring ghost percussionists.

A friendly ghost hunt.

Yes we are this talented.

Love percussion ,
By angie.

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