Friday, December 24, 2010

The 23's Rush.

A mad effing rush day.
Rush to meet yui
Rush to meet anderson
Rush to concert with fen .
Rush to bbq.

Okay you can see the pictures with my beautiful face alr.

Met Yui to collect stuff at akibanana.
+ Camwhore.

I head off to meet Anderson for
my dinner/ his lunch .
& yui went for her interview.

I was late !
(as usual )

This is my friend
after knowing me for 2 years.

Super funny .
I let him QC
Then he was like ,
Aiya nvm la.

Me : You say one ah , its gonna be on my blog.

Icecream : *give stunned face + attempt to take my cammy*
But failed.

My glass noodles + fish in tomyam soup

Bestf's rice + some soft shell crab thing.
Not bad, quite nice.

Caught having affair with my bibi.
Scandalous .
Done wif the meal . Havin prob wif payment now cause I think ... on Twitpic
I had Chang mai mango blend
While bestf had avacodo milkshake or something.
Berry small cause i kop from my twitpic.

Met up with Yui again
She was waiting for me at akibanana ..

Then we decided to rot and waste time
At Cawaii Koohii .
While waiting for fenny to come over to meet us(me)

In case you dontknow what the hell is that place.
Its just another maid cafe in singapore.
Generally rule across,
No photography of maids allowed.

We very bored
So we keep snapping

our ceylon tea .

Tea or me?

Fenny arrived
& we continue snapping .

While dear snap

Me & yui dear.
OMG my hair!

The cafe's deco.

Maid cookie !
I also want Ringo cookie !

& then run brisk walked to esplanade
Thank goodness we made it in time.

Amazing I didnt get caught for taking picture in the theatre.
Dont tell me they changed the house rules...

Headed for a BBQ after the concert.
I run for mrt .
& called & waited for cab
& I fell down too -.-
No pictures.
Cause I was too shy .

Bye-bi !

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